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SCRF 2019 Will Raise the Curtain on Multilingual Theatre Performances



For the first time in its 11 editions, the Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival (SCRF) has included live theatrical performances in Arabic, English, Urdu and Hindi as part of its vibrant 11-day cultural programme, which will run its course from Aril 17–27 at Sharjah Expo Centre.

Organised by Sharjah Book Authority (SBA), this new SCRF endeavour seeks to engage and entertain a wide segment and age group of festival visitors, through the branch of performance arts by personalising cultural messages and sharing human values in the audience’s mother tongue.   

The SCRF 2019 stage is being primed to host ‘Al Qatawa’, a Kuwaiti play featuring actors, Badr Al Shuaibi, Abdul Aziz Luwis, Abdullah Abbas and Naser Abbas, who will play the role of cats in an abandoned circus.

Another Kuwaiti performance titled ‘Tomorrow’, featuring Shugoon Al Hajiri, Rawan Al Mahdi, Ghadeer Sabti and other well-known actors, follows Ani’s exciting journey to find her parents who lost her long time ago.

SCRF visitors will also be awed by an ‘Underwater Show’, which will give them the chance to live the adventures of a mermaid and her friend underwater, in the most interactive and thrilling way.

From the depth of the seas, the festival’s visitors will be taken on a space adventure at the ‘Cosmic Explorers’ show. They will learn about new galaxies and strange planets and sun while sitting in the comfort of their seats.

The journey doesn’t end there, as the audience is set to travel ‘Back from the Future’ and live the adventures of a crazy inventor and his friend who created the time machine.

Visitors can expect to witness grace and elegance personified by Ukrainian ballerinas, who will wow them during the ‘Ballerina Musical’ during SCRF 2019.

Meanwhile, Lebanese ‘Wakazoo group’ will plunge into ‘The Deep Sea’ with their audience, to eventually discover a place where all can live in peace and harmony.

A humorous Urdu-language play titled ‘Chacha Chhakkan In Action’ portraying a Lucknow family comprising Chhakkan, his wife and their six overactive children, will certainly draw laughs from the audience. Another production, titled, ‘BIG B’, comically depicts the Indian education system, and is based on the popular Bade Bhai Sahib story about the educational journey of two very different brothers.


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