This Ramadan Fall in Love with Your Home Again, Maiolica Promises

Introducing an all-new contemporary home décor e-commerce platform, Maiolica brings a personal touch and sophistication into your home, with the finest home décor and tableware from the Mediterranean region



Maiolica, a newly launched e-commerce platform is a Dubai based reference online store for handmade homeware and all things the Mediterranean. A haven for design lovers, Maiolica brings together the highest quality of niche yet authentic homeware and home décor, to the UAE.

Dating back from the Renaissance period, Maiolica is Italian tin-glazed pottery, which is decorated in colours on a white background, sometimes depicting historical and mythical scenes, also known as Istoriato wares “painted with stories”.

Staying true to its origins, all the items available from Maiolica combines the sophistication of design with the colourful patterns of Mediterranean tiles and a hint of Middle Eastern flare. Offering a selection of carefully handpicked homeware products from the most refined boutique brands in Italy, Portugal, and other Mediterranean countries, Maiolica combines authentic classical elegance with the best of what modern design has to offer.

As an Italian who belongs to two generations of craftsmen, I felt the urgency to bring high-quality homeware to the local market and this is how our journey with Maiolica started. Since then, we have travelled the world to meet aspiring artisans and bring their beautiful creations to the UAE.Marianna Piccolo, Co-Founder and Managing Director

Whilst the local market has always been dominated by big brands, we have felt that in recent years there has been an evolution in the perception of design and home décor with more boutique and niche brands coming into the UAE, making room for more authentic products with a strong focus on traditional manufacturing techniques. With Maiolica, we aspire to consolidate this trend and contribute to re-interpreting the dining table set up more freely, in order to make it unique.Arianna Posenato, Co-Founder and Head of Operations

This Ramadan, decorate your table in style and make it extra special with Maiolica. Explore Bitossi Home and Maremoro Collection, both of which exude simple elegance and timeless beauty. The Bitossi Home collection is a not structured tableware project, you can mix and match with no limits where everything counts, whilst Maremoro brings the incredibly refined, handmade, ceramic work of the Caltagirone tradition of Sicily, Italy to the table. With expertly hand-painted design features bring your dinner space to life with the soulful passion of the Mediterranean Sea.

Visit for further information or follow Maiolica on Facebook and Instagram @themaiolica.


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