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UAE Nation Brand hits 10.6 million votes from 185 countries

The UAE Nation Brand hit a record of 10.6 million votes from 185 countries as the campaign drew to a close to announce the logo



The UAE Nation Brand hit a record of 10.6 million votes from 185 countries as the campaign drew to a close to announce the logo that will represent the UAE and lead the country’s inspiring story towards the next 50 years.

Voters have contributed to planting 10 million trees to empower communities in areas affected by climate change in Nepal and Indonesia as the UAE had promised to plant a tree for every vote as part of the campaign. 

10 million trees
The tree plantations will contribute to safeguarding biodiversity, combating climate change, protecting the environment and empowering vulnerable communities affected by climate change. The initiative reflects the UAE’s values of giving and reinforces the country’s role as a beacon of hope in the world.  

Numfoor Island (Indonesia)
The UAE will focus on planting millions of mangroves and tropical forests to promote food security and empower families in Numfoor Island, one of the most disadvantaged areas of Indonesia where subsistence farmers and fishers make up approximately 75 per cent of the population. West Papua, Indonesia, situated in the Coral Triangle, is an area recognized as the global centre of marine biodiversity and a global priority for conservation because of the broad range of species it supports, including at least 500 species of reef-building corals. 

Amaltaari planting site (Nepal)
In Nepal, the UAE will plant millions of mangroves at the Amaltaari planting site in Nawalparasi, home to endangered species including leopards and the elusive Bengal tiger. The tree plantations are expected to empower thousands of local people, mostly farmers, and improve their lives. The project will encourage the local people to positively contribute to protecting the biodiversity of the Asian country that hosts more than 700 species of wildlife that enrich the country’s natural elements. 

Three logos 
People across the globe cast their votes on one of three UAE logos displayed on the UAE Nation Brand official website. The 49 Emirati artists contributed to designing “Emirates in Calligraphy”, “The Palm” and “7 Lines”.  

Open invitation
His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of UAE and Ruler of Dubai, and His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of UAE Armed Forces, had invited people across the globe to take part in voting for the new logo to represent the UAE. The unique call to global audiences reinforces the humanitarian and global aspect that distinguishes the UAE and reflect its deeply-rooted values of openness, coexistence and tolerance.  

Top 10 voting countries
Participations in the UAE topped the list with the 15 per cent of the total votes for the Nation Brand logo, followed by India, US, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Australia, Canada, Algeria and the UK.

500 million views
The voting campaign attracted an overwhelming 500 million social media views, reflecting the widespread admiration of millions of online users who actively took part in the humanitarian initiative to help combat climate change and empower communities. 

Humanitarian initiative
In an initiative that turned the national project into a global humanitarian initiative, the UAE pledged to plant a tree for every vote to the logo that will represent its story to the world. 

Emirates in Calligraphy
The “Emirates in Calligraphy” logo emphasizes the unique association and sentiment that the name “Emirates” brings to citizens, residents and visitors coming together from all over the world. 

The logo depicts the aesthetics of Arabic calligraphy that reflects authenticity and originality associated with the UAE. The rolling curves of the font capture the flow of ocean waves merging with the sand dunes of UAE’s golden desert, portraying the country’s unique geographical identity. The smooth and harmonious movement of the letters symbolizes the constant human and social progress in the UAE as a nation that does not stop growing in the face of challenges and does not believe in the word “impossible.” The UAE is a country built on achieving the impossible.  

The Palm
The palm tree has long been associated with the Emirates, forming an indispensable part of its history and distinctive identity as an unconditional giver. 

By designing the palm tree with colors closer to golden, the logo manifests the undulating vistas of the desert dunes shining in the sunlight. The elegant lines suggest the radiance, momentum and dynamism of a nation on the move. 

Symbolizing the willpower of the leaders and people of UAE, palm trees have withstood storms and challenges with strength and firmness. Their powerful branches are as high as the ambitions of the people of UAE, with leaves providing shade and support to millions of people living on the land. 

Similar to Canada’s maple leaf and New Zealand’s silver fern, the palm represents the national identity of the UAE and sums up the country’s values of giving, pride, dynamism and ambitions.

7 LinesSeven lines rise up tall with momentum, optimism and dynamism as a tribute to the seven bold leaders who shaped the Emirates and united their people’s aspirations under one flag. Seven lines, shaping the map of the Emirates with the national colours, represent the future-focused leaders of the seven emirates united towards the country’s growth.

The lines, vibrant in colour, reflect the UAE’s ongoing journey of development driven by a wave of progress, innovation, excellence and boundless aspirations. Designed in the flag colours of black, green and red, the lines are connected with the white colour, symbolizing the heart and spirit uniting people of the seven emirates under the main principles of humanity. The unique diversity that enriches the fabric of the UAE society and sets it apart as a global hub for entrepreneurship and innovation is featured in the different colours and sizes of the lines.

UAE Nation Brand
The UAE Nation Brand aims to create a symbol that distinguishes the UAE globally and presents its achievements and humanitarian values with the world.  The new logo will share the UAE’s exceptional and inspiring success story of development with the world and reinforce the country’s global contribution to build a better future for humanity.


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