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Chef takes the audience on a gastronomic journey with her “Spiced Pineapple” dessert at SCRF 2023

Renowned Gabonese Chef wows the crowd with her Pan-African culinary skills and presents a mouth-watering dessert at the Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival Cookery Corner



Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival (SCRF 2023) welcomed Chef Anto to the Cookery Corner on Thursday to celebrate her vibrant Pan-African style of cooking with a demonstration of her unique “Spiced Pineapple with cassava crumble” recipe.

Chef Anto, also known as Antompindi Cocagne, is a Gabonese culinary artist who studied in France and the United States. Her ingredients – a delectable dessert featuring caramelised pineapple served with cassava crumble, almond powder, and sugar powder – are exclusively African and her goal is to showcase Africa’s culinary treasures to the world, taking people on a journey through the continent. 

The event began with Chef Anto introducing the dish and explaining the recipe’s ingredients, including ginger, fresh vanilla bean, sugar, butter, cinnamon, anise, lime, and pineapple juice. 

While preparing the dish, Chef Anto shared some of her cooking techniques and tips. For instance, she recommended using unheated butter when making the crumble, adding that it is crucial to ensure that the crumble has baked to perfection before placing the sugared pineapple on top.

She finished preparing the dish and surprised the audience with their very own taster. The crowd was delighted with the sweet taste of the desert, and the cookery corner was filled with satisfied smiles and satisfied stomachs. Chef Anto’s culinary skills were on full display, and her dish was a testament to her passion for African cuisine.

The Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival aims to promote cultural awareness and foster a love of reading and learning among children and families. The Cookery Corner, one of the event’s highlights, offers an opportunity for children and families to learn about different cultures’ cuisines.


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