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ArpuPlus successfully distributes ‘Yemken Kher’ by Ramy Sabry, song featured on screen at Times Square

With over 26 million views on YouTube, 6.3 million hits on Anghami, 2 million on Spotify and 40 million views on TikTok, the song ranked first on official MENA chart



 ArpuPlus, a leading mobile service provider in the MENA region and emerging markets, achieved significant success in the digital distribution of Ramy Sabry’s new song ‘Yemken Kher’. The song was featured on a screen at Times Square, New York, which is one of the largest screens in the world. ArpuPlus has assisted in popularising music content becoming the top choice for artists in the MENA region.

ArpuPlus has previously collaborated with Ramy Sabry and distributed 20 of his songs. Written by Ahmed Ali Moussa, the song was composed by Sabry and digitally distributed by ArpuPlus. Moreover, Sabry’s photo was added as a cover in two playlists on Spotify for two weeks. In 2022, the company distributed numerous songs by popular artists from Egypt, Lebanon, the Gulf, as well as a variety of Algerian vocalists.

Medhat Karam, CEO of ArpuPlus, said: “We are pleased to have collaborated with talented singers like Ramy Sabry, and are proud to have successfully distributed his new song. The song received exceptional response, securing third position in the official MENA chart, along with 26 million views on YouTube, 6.3 million hits on Anghami, 2 million on Spotify and 40 million views on TikTok.”

ArpuPlus, the largest distributor of caller tunes in the MENA region, collaborates with over 40 mobile operators regionally and globally. It has devised a strategy that is focused on utilising

digital advancements for the benefit of art in order to assist artists in achieving success. The company manages various global digital distribution across all music streaming services and apps, such as Anghami, Spotify, Apple Music, Huawei Music, Twist Music, and others. By promoting the presence of independent artists in the region who want their records to reach listeners and music enthusiasts around the world, ArpuPlus aims to strengthen its path of fostering arts and talents and increase its popularity in the regional digital music distribution market.

ArpuPlus is a venture builder & one of the top mobile entertainment and communication solutions providers inside & outside the MENA region, ArpuPlus is an A15 subsidiary founded in 2003, with a wide range of services headquartered in Cairo, Egypt with 11 offices in more than 10 countries and around 500M subscribers & through working with more than 40 operators and digital OTTs around the MENAP region, we aggregate and distribute Music, Video, Gaming & Sports, catered to the masses & creating an extensive catalog over the years.


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