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STARZPLAY and NMPRO collaborate to unveil ‘Big Lie’



 STARZPLAY, one of the region’s top three subscription video on demand services, celebrated the highly anticipated release of the STARZPLAY Original movie ‘Big Lie’ with a remarkable red carpet premier event. The event was hosted by STARZPLAY and NMPRO, a multi-media production company in the MENA region and the film’s executive producer at the Grand Cinemas ABC Verdun in Beirut, Lebanon. 

The event drew the attendance of a star-studded cast, including Heba Nour, Sandy Farah, Fouad Yammine, Yaaqoub Chahine, Laura Khabbaz, Sharbel Zyadeh, as well as the film’s producer and director and Founder of NMPRO, Nadim Mehanna, and Tony Saab, the SVP of Content & Strategic Partnerships at STARZPLAY.

“We are thrilled to announce that the release of ‘Big Lie’ soon on the platform perfectly embodies our content strategy at STARZPLAY,” stated Tony Saab, the SVP of Content & Strategic Partnerships at STARZPLAY. “As part of our commitment to delivering surprises every month, our content acquisition and production strategy focuses on frequenting releasing STARZPLAY Originals in collaboration with esteemed production houses across the region. This strategic approach allows us to bring more of what our subscribers want to see on our platform.”

Director and Producer Nadim Mehanna commented: “Our collaboration with STARZPLAY will be a long-term partnership built on shared values, a unified vision, and a mutual commitment to delivering exceptional content, I am eagerly anticipating the response of STARZPLAY subscribers once they engage with the movie on the platform following its theatrical release. It will be fascinating to observe their level of interest and appreciation.”

Anticipated to captivate audiences, much like it captivated the attendees of the premiere event, ‘Big Lie’ stands out with its ground-breaking approach in shedding light on significant social matters, never before tackled in Pan-Arab films. This movie explores the dark side of social media, highlighting how it can be both influential and destructive in our lives. With its first-of-its-kind concept and original storyline, ‘Big Lie’ distinguishes itself from conventional drama films, offering a fresh perspective on the contemporary challenges we face in the digital age.


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