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AI-enabled washing machines are now a reality with the LG 2023 VIVACE

The all-new washing machine brings the best of digital learning to one of the most common home appliances



A washing machine is a staple appliance in every home and over the years we have seen the products evolution, be it in terms of features, capacity or design. LG’s new 2023 VIVACE Washing Machine is the pinnacle of that evolution, bringing together large capacities and intelligent features, complete with a beautiful design.

With this new addition to LG’s washing machine range, the brand leverages AI capabilities for a more intelligent approach to washing clothes. The AI Direct Drive Motor uses big data of accumulated washing experience and optimizes the washing motion for an 18% increase in fabric protection. This is done by detecting the weight and softness of the fabric, thereby choosing the most appropriate motions for the fabric. The Inverter Direct Drive Motor (DD) is one of LG’s successful products, which recently exceeded over 100 million units in production. The differentiated motor technology plays a key role in the strong and reliable performance of the brand’s industry leading solutions.

The LG 2023 VIVACE also packs in various hygiene-oriented features, such as the LG Steam technology, which focuses on eliminating up to 99.9% of allergens, including dust mites to protect wearers from allergy or respiratory issues. It also boasts a large drum capacity of 11Kg, without increasing the size of the machine.

In terms of design, the LG 2023 VIVACE is designed to fit in your minimalist aesthetic, with its metallic finish and a more visible display. It also comes with a tempered glass door and a stainless lifter, which contribute further to its durability and hygiene factors. Additionally, the LG 2023 VIVACE is compatible with LG ThinQ technology, opening doors for smart features allowing you to do laundry remotely from your connected smartphone, or even downloading an additional cycle. Thanks to its ThinQ capabilities, the LG 2023 VIVACE can also be connected to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, allowing for easy embedding into a preset smart home ecosystem.

Customers can also opt to pair the LG 2023 VIVACE with compatible Twinwash Mini, which is more suited for daily wash and delicate care. The add-on aligns beautifully with the LG 2023 VIVACE’s minimalist design, making it the perfect addition for daily life without disturbing the interior design.


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