Weekend extravaganza: International cultural icons to enthrall audiences at the Dubai Opera Ball



Come this weekend, Dubai will play host to the cream of international musical and cultural talent, with the Dubai Opera Ball on November 18th kicking off Dubai Opera’s Classical Season 2023 in spectacular fashion.

Presented by event organisers M Premiere and Mundus Gala, in association with the illustrious Dresden Opera Ball, the November 18th raises the bar for the city’s cultural cognoscenti, promising a a sublime evening spent in the company of some of the very best artistes and performers in the contemporary classical scene. The weekend affair promises to be not just a night at the opera but a deep cultural immersion, where elegance meets talent and world-class artistes converge to pay spectacular tribute to the artistic imagination.

Occupying a unique place in Dubai’s cultural calendar, The Dubai Opera Ball stands as an eloquent testament to the city’s commitment to artistic excellence. Given the sheer artistic firepower present in the line-up of artists and performances put together by M Premiere, this year’s Dubai Opera Ball promises to be an even grander success than the 2022 edition, which had won rave reviews in Dubai’s cosmopolitan social circuit.

Key Highlights:

Star-Studded Lineup: The Dubai Opera Ball presents a star-studded lineup of highly acclaimed performers from the realms of opera, ballet, and jazz converge to form a constellation of artistic brilliance. 

Opulent Atmosphere: As the curtains rise on November 18th, Dubai Opera transforms into a haven of good taste and sophistication, creating an atmosphere befitting the city’s cosmopolitan spirit.

Cultural Heartbeat: Dubai Opera, the undisputed cultural heartbeat of the city, assumes its role as the epicenter of refined entertainment, promising a unique experience of cultivated enjoyment.

I. November 18th: The Dubai Opera Ball

On November 18th, Dubai Opera will be the cynosure of all eyes as the Dubai Opera Ball takes center stage. Presented by M Premiere and Mundus Gala in collaboration with the Dresden Opera Ball, the event will feature stellar performances by internationally renowned artists:

Vittorio Grigòlo: Acclaimed as one of the most exceptional tenors of his generation, Grigòlo’s performances have mesmerized audiences globally with its characteristic blend of vocal prowess and dramatic artistry.

Riccardo Massi: An esteemed Italian tenor, Massi graces the stage with a reputation forged in prestigious theaters, notably La Scala.

Anastasia Bartoli: A rising opera sensation, Bartoli is lauded for her exceptional agility and fiery presence on stage.

Vasilisa Berzhanskaya: The Russian mezzo-soprano brings a vast vocal range that makes for an emotive experience that is as profound as it is captivating.

Janoska Ensemble: Hailing from Austria, the Janoska Ensemble is a collective of virtuosos known for their stylish improvisation, transforming Western classical music into a truly 21st-century art form.

Denis Rodkin: As the Premier of the Bolshoi Theatre and a ballet luminary, Rodkin graces the stage with a poise and grace that defines the pinnacle of ballet excellence.

Igor Butman: A maestro of jazz, Igor Butman’s virtuosity seamlessly blends genres to infuse audiences with a vibrant and contemporary energy.

Harmonious Symphony with The Northern Sinfonia Orchestra: The Northern Sinfonia Orchestra, under the masterful direction of conductor Fabio Mastrangelo, will weave a musical tapestry that elevates the performances to an unforgettable crescendo. The collaboration between these exceptional artistes and the orchestra promises to be a truly immersive experience, where the boundaries between performer and audience blur into a harmonious whole.

II. November 19th: Aida Garifullina’s Solo Concert

Following the Dubai Opera Ball, on November 19th, the stage will continue to sparkle with the inaugural solo concert by Aida Garifullina, one of the most exciting opera divas of today and tomorrow. Hailed by Plácido Domingo, Garifullina’s spellbinding performance will include classic arias, romances, and crossover hits.

III. November 20th: Ballet Extravaganza

On November 20th, ballet enthusiasts are in for a treat with a breathtaking performance by ballet superstar Denis Rodkin, the Premier of the Bolshoi Theatre, and his friends from the Bolshoi, Dutch National Ballet, Staatsballet Berlin, and Teatro alla Scala dance troupes. This spectacular event will showcase some of the most accomplished artistes in the world of ballet.

M Premiere proudly presents the Classical Season 2023-2024 at Dubai Opera, poised to be the high water mark of cultural excellence on the city’s annual calendar. 


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