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Revolution. Disruption. Not words traditionally associated with the staid and rather boring world of insurance. But Jonathan Rawling, CEO of internet start-up and former CFO of Zurich Middle East is passionate about shaking up the sale of insurance in the UAE.

Speaking about the revolution Jonathan Rawling said, “In the UK and other markets with high internet penetration, consumers buy their insurance cover online, allowing them to see in detail what they get for their money before they select”.

“Buying insurance in the UAE is difficult and it is very hard to shop around – unless you want to spend a day on the phone. At we aim to change that – we will show you a range of insurance products with real prices and show you exactly what you are getting for your money. We empower the customer to make an informed decision – and the entire process is online”, he added. are offering Home and Car insurance with more products to be added later. Customers can choose from 5 insurers: AIG, Arabia, Oman, Union, and Watania with even more to be added soon. “By offering customers a range of insurance quotes options we believe that we will be able to save most companies money. Why would you not spend 10 minutes to make sure you are getting a good deal?”

Buying insurance is never going to be fun but the team aim to make it a quick and hassle free experience. Their website is fun and friendly and has an easy-to-understand video explaining their concept. Both the video and advertisement feature the mascot, Beatrix LeMarche – a character that is already developing a following on Facebook. There is also live chat support to help explain any of the finer points.

So is this revolution? What makes the site unique in the UAE is that the consumer can see real time quotes and purchase his insurance policy online, and have it delivered direct to his personalized webpage within 24 hours.

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