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DMS, which serves as the official digital arm of Choueiri Group, recently announced its partnership with – The leading football news platform in Egypt, across the web as well as social media.

DMS has been appointed as the Exclusive Advertising Sales Representative for the website, with the engagement being effective as of January 1, 2016. The partnership is aligned with DMS’ long-standing commitment and ongoing drive and investments into the Egyptian market. It is aimed at enhancing the value and effectiveness of the monetization solutions which DMS delivers to brands.

Korabia was established in 2008 and has grown since then to become the preferred portal for Egyptian football fans. With a robust editorial team, the site delivers global standards for sports journalism, while focused on local perspectives. It provides comprehensive coverage of international, regional and local Egyptian football leagues, filled with insightful statistics, analysis, viral videos and scoops. The website currently ranks #1 for Sports in Egypt, registering an excess of 4.9 million UB’s as of November 2015. In addition, to the website’s leading traffic figures, Korabia also enjoys high social media reach (2 million on FB).

DMS’ role spans across effective media monetization, precision targeting through data, native advertising solutions in addition to leveraging technology to deliver engaging multi-channel brand experiences. Advertisers on Korabia will be able to benefit from the unique access to native, data, branded content, creative solutions and premium programmatic offerings which DMS extends.

Speaking about the partnership with DMS, the Founder and CEO of Korabia – Abdelrahman Eliwa said that “We’re excited about taking Egypt’s largest football platform to its next level of evolution and are confident that our partnership with DMS will enable us to extend Korabia’s unique benefits to advertisers in the MENA region. We look forward to working with DMS on enhancing Korabia’s standing in the region and bringing it up to its fullest potential. DMS brings great experience and expertise that will help us grow our business”.

Elaborating further, was DMS’ Chief Operating Officer, Michel Malkoun, who stated that “Korabia comes to DMS as a strategic asset which delivers a unique sports proposition to the Egyptian market. We look forward to extending its unique appeal to advertisers across the MENA market”.